Leadership Lecture Series

What is the Leadership Lecture Series?

The Leadership Lecture Series began in 2014 during the Centenary year at the Vaughan. The annual lecture series provides a platform for prominent and notable speakers to share their experiences with members of the Vaughan community – pupils, parents, alumni and friends. Lectures are also open to members of the public. Our aim is to prompt thought-provoking discussions on important and relevant topics in order to equip our pupils, and the wider community, with the knowledge and confidence to use their voices effectively to help others in need around them. A question and answer session follows each lecture, giving audience members the chance to express their opinions and ask questions about the chosen topic. 

The Leadership Lectures are free to attend – to register your interest for an upcoming event, please email

Guest Speakers 2018

Sarah Teather, Monday 5 February

Faith, hope and hospitality

Guest Speakers 2017


Dr Elisabetta Canetta, 29 March                Peter Stanford, 31 October
Faith & Physics:                                           Did Martin Luther’s Reformation 
A Marriage Made in Heaven?                   500 Years Ago ‘Do 
The Pope 
A Favour?’ As He Suggested?


Guest Speakers 2016


Sir Vincent Fean, 3 November 2016                               Kevin Hyland, 19 April 2016                                        Dame Colette Bowe, 7 March 2016
A Just Peace in the Holy Land?                                      Tackling Modern Slavery                                           Can you run a successful business ethically?

Guest Speakers 2015


Ann Widdecombe, 22 October 2015                            Francis Campbell, 29 June 2015                                      Charles Clarke, 19 May 2015
Christianity Under Persecution                                   Forming the Next Generation of Catholics                 Politics, Faith & Religious Leadership
                                                                                                    in the Modern World

Guest Speakers 2014


Lord Patten, 27 February 2014                                  John Fallon, 11 March 2014                                               Dr Gerard Lyons, 13 May 2014
Faith in our increasingly secular world                The Future of Education                                                     The role of morals and ethics in the City

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