Values, ethos & expectations

Amare et Servire - 'To Love and to Serve'

The School Motto

Our most important aim is the Christian formation of our young people. In achieving that aim we are anxious to cater for pupils of all abilities and to maintain high academic standards.

We are convinced that an academic ethos is of vital importance as an encouragement to learning. Thus we seek a fair and sensible balance in the use of resources for less able children, and the need not to neglect our gifted pupils. In addition, we wish to help our pupils to pursue a career which is suitable for them and, at the same time, to educate them for life in contemporary society. We are also aware of our responsibility to educate our pupils to be good citizens, especially through the example we set them.

We have a well-established structure of pastoral care, but a caring atmosphere cannot be provided by structures alone. Obviously, we cannot and do not approve all that they do. On the contrary, we believe in strict, though not unduly repressive, discipline. But our disapproval should not convey rejection. Quite simply, the School aims, through the provision of a Catholic ethos, sound Catholic teaching, incisive Careers formation and relevant personal and social education, to prepare its pupils to meet their responsibilities as Catholics in society.

Parents are warmly encouraged to involve themselves, not only in their sons' and daughters' learning, but also in the life of the School as a whole. We are indeed lucky in the high degree of parental support we enjoy. It is extremely rare for a parent to fail to back the School in a matter of discipline, for example. In other areas, too, from the organising of the annual Fete to the serving of refreshments at Parents' Evenings and similar occasions, our parents' enthusiasm is indefatigable. It is their support which contributes to the School's extremely high rates of attendance, almost negligible rates of truancy and notable success in public examinations; year after year, our results exceed national averages substantially.

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