Pastoral Care

Parents are extremely positive about the quality of education and the pastoral care provided.

OFSTED Report 2006

The purpose of our pastoral care is to maintain an environment in which our pupils can coexist happily and work and learn effectively.

We have a well-established structure of pastoral care, but a caring atmosphere cannot be provided by structures alone: we aim to come across to our pupils as persons and accept our pupils as they are. Obviously, we cannot and do not approve all that they do. On the contrary, we believe in firm, though not repressive discipline.

We believe that a sharply defined system of rewards and punishments will enable teachers, other colleagues, parents and pupils better to understand the School's ethos and expectations in the context of discipline and pastoral care. As a Christian family, we prefer to communicate our ethos by means of praise, encouragement and reward. As a general principle, appreciation and reassurance are more effective motivators than punishment or blame. Every opportunity should be taken by teachers and parents to express esteem for the pupils and their work. When these strategies fail, however, we believe in firm, though not repressive discipline.

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