School Rules

At the Vaughan we respect the teachings of Christ and his Church

At the Vaughan we believe in:

●  respecting the teachings of Christ and his Church
●  telling the truth
●  keeping promises
●  respecting the rights and property of others
●  acting considerately towards others
●  helping those less fortunate and weaker than ourselves
●  taking personal responsibility for our actions
●  self-discipline

    Hence, we reject

    ●  bullying
    ●  cheating
    ●  deceit
    ●  irresponsibility
    ●  dishonesty

      School Rules

      ●  All pupils are required to record their daily homework, including revision, in the Pupil Diary. The Pupil Diary is vitally important and should be looked after most carefully.
      ●  Pupils are not to leave money or valuables in their lockers. Valuable items such as personal stereos should NOT be brought to school. The School accepts no responsibility in the event of such items being lost or stolen.
      ●  Pupils are required to observe the traffic lights when crossing the road between the Buildings. Similarly, on the way to and from school, all pupils are required to cross roads at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.
      ●  Running is forbidden anywhere in or around the School.
      ●  Smoking is not allowed, either in school or on the way to and from school.
      ●  Only members of the Sixth Form may leave the premises during the morning and lunch breaks.
      ●  Public expressions of affection are strictly forbidden.
      ●  Boys in Forms 1 - 5 may not wear jewellery or any other form of personal adornment.
      ●  Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
      ●  Food may not be consumed in classrooms and corridors.

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