Economics (Edexcel)

Economics A Level is very interesting and the Department achieves excellent results year after year

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Economics involves a study of such topics as price determination, competition and regulation, taxation and government spending, imports and exports, exchange rate systems, inflation, unemployment and environmental economics. 

The AS-Level includes two themes:

Theme 1: Introduction to markets and market failure This focuses on microeconomic concepts. Students will develop an understanding of:  nature of economics, how markets work , market failure , government intervention. 

Theme 2 – The UK economy – performance and policies

This focuses on macroeconomic concepts. Students will develop an understanding of:  measures of economic performance, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, national income, economic growth, macroeconomic objectives and policy. 

The A2-Level course comprises an additional two themes:

Theme 3 - Business behaviour and the labour market

 This theme develops the microeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 1 and

focuses on business economics. Students will develop an understanding of:  business growth business objectives, revenues, costs and profits market structures, labour market government intervention. 

Theme 4 –  A global perspective 

This theme develops the macroeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 2 and applies these concepts in a global context. Students will develop an understanding of:  international economics, poverty and inequality, emerging and developing economies the financial sector role of the state in the macroeconomy. 

Pupils have the chance to visit financial institutions and attend conferences, led by leading economic and political figures. Economics can be studied with a variety of other subjects – Mathematics, Physics, History, Politics and ICT, for example, – and may lead to a wide range of career opportunities.  Careers in finance and banking, as well as accounting and business management are all open to economics students.

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