History & Politics

Our history teachers really bring the past to life and it is always a very exciting lesson

Current Pupil

Aims and Philosophy

The History Department aims to have a high take-up at both 13 and 16. We hope that all pupils will achieve to the best of their ability and that they will enjoy their studies.

Key Stage Three

In the First Form pupils study The Roman Empire, Medieval Britain and the Tudors. In the Second Form they study the Black Peoples of America and the First and Second World War.

Key Stage Four

We follow the History GCSE course offered by the Edexcel examination board. This includes a thematic and historical environment study, a period and British depth study and a modern depth study. There is no longer a controlled assessment. The details of this course can be found on the Edexcel website. 

The Sixth Form

We follow the course offered by the OCR exam board. The specification can be found here.

We teach in the Lower Sixth a module on British Domestic Problems 1900-1951 which is source based and either a module on The German Reformation or the French Revolution. In the Upper Sixth we teach a module of the coursework and either the Civil Rights in America or Russia.


In the Sixth Form we also offer Government and Politics. We follow the course offered by the Edexcel examination board, details of which can be found here.

British Politics is studied in the Lower Sixth and American Politics in the Upper Sixth. 

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