Gifted and Talented

At the Vaughan we take the idea of boys fulfilling their absolute potential very seriously, and in practical terms this means far more than simply supporting our less able pupils.

Highly able pupils also receive our special attention and we make it a priority to stretch our Gifted and Talented cohort to the full and considerable extent of their abilities.

The progress of pupils in the Gifted and Talented cohort of the Vaughan is constantly reviewed, allowing us to cater for their needs.  This is done primarily by the design of our curriculum, which provides intrinsic challenge, for example, Latin is provided for the top three sets at Key Stage 3 and Greek is offered at GCSE to stretch those who study Latin, while the top two sets embark on GCSE courses in the separate disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  In addition to this, our sporting and music provision enables pupils talented in these areas to nurture and develop their abilities.  In Music, for example, our Gifted and Talented players and vocalists have access to a dozen musical ensembles with the chance to play alongside professionals in major orchestral and choral works at London’s great venues (Cadogan Hall, St James Spanish Place, St John’s Smith Square) and in locations around the world, with recent trips including Madrid, Washington, Hong Kong and Poland.


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